Saturday, February 18, 2006

The friend

Sitting on my bed,trying hard to concentrate on the course book in front of me, I noticed someone in overflowing white dress cycle past.I peeped out of the window to see who it was.The cyclist slowed down and made his way to the cycle stand.I could at once make out that it was C******,a Post-graduate student staying in my wing.

As he walked out of his room five minutes later,I went to greet him,thinking that it was his birthday.I asked him "Is it your birthday?"

"No" he replied."It's my friends birthday.He was a childhood friend.He died in an accident.I went to the Madhyakailash temple for a pooja."

My eyes misted over as I heard him speak.I saw something divine in his gesture.Suddenly the thought of my classmate who drowned in the sea,flashed past.It was during my Tenth class.I felt bad that I never thought of it later, though the memory haunted me for a week then. But I stopped going to the sea after that,and even if I was forced,I stayed on the shore and never ventured in.It isn't fear, but a sort of loathing.For, it was the sea that gobbled up my class-mate.

We were children then, and we didn't properly understand what it means for a mother to loose her child.But now I understand.

I was filled with a sense of respect for this man,who made a point to remember his friend this way.C******, you are really great!

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Sash said...

good one maama
hifunda in content
it was really moving