Saturday, April 01, 2006

Professionalism-and its lack thereof

"How the hell can you?" was the first thought as I saw it.I actually wanted to narrate the whole event,but by the time I sat down to write,I felt I was acting stupid.No point in harping over a committed error and its better that I forgive the wrongdoer, I understood.

I felt the I would demean myself with all this mess.After all what's there? Nothing substantial would happen,had the mistake been avoided.And I incurred no great loss by that mistake being committed.

And after the error,it was a burst of emotion and I went along to make myself heard, right from the lower most rung of the heirarchy.Starting from the coord I went straight to the secretary. Thank God!I didn't crib with a volunteer,it would make me a real stupid then.

And I came back to my room with full steam,deciding to blog it.By the time I started, this realisation occured. (Those of you who are familiar with my frequent enlightenments, don't worry.To me realisations and enlightenments are a weekly occurence,but in different spheres life.)

So, I turn it over to a more general discussion "Professionalism and its lack...."

When you are in some position of responsibility,you are expected to behave responsibly."Mistakes do happen!" If this is what you say after a blunder,please do realise that it is your ability to avoid mistkes that takes to power and position.If a CEO would give this reason,I seriously feel he doesn't have any eligibility to be there.And all of us acting in various responsibilities are supposed to exhibit this professionalism in our day to day activities.Hence "Mistakes do happen" is not the reason, my dear friend. Try something else,please.

I am sorry for all this, as I feel the traces of previous anger haven't left me still.But I want to make one thing clear,I have nothing against the people involved here.

A small piece of advice.

"Take up some responsibility if you have the ability and professionalism needed to do it.If you don't,I beg you please refrain ,because you will cause more harm and damage than any good by being there."

And I copied down the dictionary meaning of professionalism here, as I am not worth it to put it down in my own words.

Professionalism - the combination of all the qualities that are connected with trained and skilled people.


DevAd said...
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DevAd said...

Answerability-and the lack of it therof
1.lack of responsiblity
2.lackof attention to the remonstrance point 1 invited

Shortcomings on the part of accuser:
1.Lack of discretion in selecting the accused.
2.Writing enigmatic blogs thereby confusing ppl.

My apologies--
The above may not contribute to salvaging ur hurt pride.

P.S. I strongly empathize with u on this account and u have my unequivocal support for any new developments in this case.