Thursday, November 15, 2007

Looking inward

Some sort of unhappiness, a feeling that I am doing the wrong thing, that I am not able to enjoy what I am doing is haunting me. Don’t know if that is a similar feeling to a majority of you or if I am an exception. I am pained with life, the people, the circumstances and everything in general. Not being able to pursue what I like or what I enjoy.

Please help me, and give me some suggestions as to how I can get out of this mess.


Rajeev said...

Looks like u r missing books and mugging. Put fight for cat or go app :P

Raghav said...

go marry ur love :P

Satish Kumar Mantha said...

career in the starting is like that dude.. :-) u'll take some time to understand what u want and once u're done with that difficult question, u'll pursue that (?) and happies thereafter! :D