Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Parting is not an easy thing, but when the memories attached with a place are bad, it is "made easy". Leaving deloitte was made easy for me, so to say. I am finishing the formalities ,meeting friends and bidding my farewells to the people here in Deloitte.

I did think of writing about my leaving this place but wanted to do it at a later date. But now, there was an incident that made me write this post from a public terminal in office. Two of my friends, here in deloitte.

I first met them eight months ago, during the induction for the new campus recruits. Though we had very less things in common,we became friends and "still a student" sort of attitude tied us closely. The fact that we belong to different work streams made it difficult for us to meet daily or talk. But today, when I was leaving the firm, they met me and handed me over a gift with their warm wishes. I felt like I was in school again. It was like classmates parting. Their attachment moved me immensly and as I walked out of their floor, my eyes were wet with tears. It was the pain, the pain of seperation and having to part.

Dear friends (you know who i am addressing to) thank you very much. I lack words to express my feelings, but one thing is sure, I will cherish your friendship for ever.


Satish Mantha said...

sweet! :-) remember to return the favour and doing more.. ;-) i'll be stepping there soon..

jamfr said...

i am greatly touched my your writings i hav read all of it from the begin till here it just grabs me
i hav done the crash coarse from prashanti neketan and now i will try to take in narayana because i dont expect myself in ramaiah but will try to put at most from narayana
hope to get in IIT
seein to seek some guidence from you