Monday, June 30, 2008

Life means

Views about life, of a 24year old engineer from IITM working with an MNC in Chennai.

Do not misunderstand me if these views sound too materialistic, these are just a collection of things that make me feel good about life.

Life means:

  1. Coffee @ Hot Chips

  2. Tapti Hostel, IIT Madras

  3. Honda Shine 125 cc

  4. Gutti vankaaya koora (brinjal curry) by Mom

  5. Dell Inspiron 1525

  6. TTD-IC Temple, T Nagar

  7. Of friends and more of friends

  8. Berth 0035, S6, 7043-Circar Express

  9. Meals @ Rathna Cafe

  10. Traffic police and an AP vehicle on Chennai roads

  11. Prasadam @ Lord Anjaneya's temple, Naganallur

  12. Kathipara Junction

  13. Barrons GRE 17th Edition

  14. STD @ Rs 1.30/min, Vodafone

  15. Maggi @ Gurunath

  16. Group mails on Gmail

  17. Send offs @ Chennai Central

  18. Loan repayment, Andhra Bank

  19. Moserbaer DVDs

  20. Masala Dosa @ Tiffanys

  21. Career fundaes to sister

  22. Credit card bills

  23. Tairsadam (Curd rice)

  24. Local trains

  25. IRCTC

Now coming to the most odd item on the list, point no 8. Since I shifted here, I have been traveling to Ponnur on the Circar express. And the four times I have traveled by it so far, online reservation allotted me the same berth, time and again: Coach S6, Berth no: 35.


Raghav said...

let a girl be allotted berth 34 or 36 regularly from now on ;)

Sri Vallabha said...

@raghav: thats too much of optimism dude :)

naatiq said...

gave up in life or what ???
anyways whats up with you these days ??

Inka barrons enti , trying to app ?

Sri Vallabha said...

@naatiq: mama, didnt give up ra, enjoying life now. app kodadaamane plans lo ne unnanu.

kiran said...

looks like an open invitation to interested parties to book berth 34 and 36 :P