Friday, December 23, 2005

the DEAN

Why do institutes have DEANs?.And if they ever have, why are these people expected to interfere in all MATTERs and meddle with anybody and everybody? BTW can anyone tell me if I have to put a "pull-stop" after a "qwecchen mark"?. I am confused. About what am I confused? Wait...........let me remember. Because of late I have realised that I have been suffering from wait...... what do they call it?.Let me refer to the dictionary......"amnesia". Aaah! now I remember. Its the DEANs ,that I have been talking about.I keep forgetting things and of late I started forgetting spellings.I can't say for sure whether its evoparation or evaporation. Any way I learnt a new technique and a new philosophy.

New technique: After writing a word,look at it.If you are doubtful(l) stare at it.If something looks wrong , that's it.You got to spell it the otherway man.

New philosophy:"Bhaavnayoko samajnaa hai. Bhasha ko nahi"- Hindi.
" Bhasha kaadu, bhaavam mukhyam"-Telugu.
" Its the meaning that's important , and not the spelling"-u no wht langauge.

New discovery: As usual, I forgot to mention this above.People tend to guess\understand\comprehend a word by the letters at the ends.So, it doesnt make much difference between evoparation and evaporation.

the DEANs-some time later yaar.Didn't actually form a picture of what I have to rite.

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