Friday, December 23, 2005

My Ramaiah days-3(First week in insti)

That I was selected for the two year course made everyone happy.I can't tell how I exactly felt,for I was used to faring well in exams.It brought me no special joy.It was a mixed feeling,leaving home was painful on one side,while a new place was welcoming on the other.My mother meticulously packed all that I would need in a place away from home,though I was going to stay in my uncle's home.I moved out to Hyderabad, a few weeks ahead of opening of institute.Those days before college were , largely peaceful. New place, new people and almost many things new.I spent most of the time familiarizing myself with buses and their numbers etc etc.

Finally, the first day arrived.I went to the class, and made friends with my neighbour before the class started(at least I thought so).Mr. Surendranath took the first class.It was like any other introductory class,getting to know the names and place of study.

When I told him that I attended a "crash course" in Prashanti Niketan, he said something I couldn't exactly classify.Was it a praise or a jeer I didn't understand. Later I formed a firm opinion that it was a jeer , for I learnt that those people are never known to praise anybody,except those whom they felt were newtons or einsteins.I knew that I was none. He asked us to get the exam question papers the next day.

Since I didn't have them, I asked my neighbour, to have it xeroxed. He said that he had those papers at home.I asked if he could get it xeroxed for me.He replied something, so I took it that he would get it done.

Imagine my shock the next day, when he didn't get them, and the teacher made all those who didn't get those papers stand through whole of the class.A punishment right on the second day.And my neighbour showed not even traces of being sorry for not being able to help me.

Here comes an important point to discuss.To be frank, I wasn't used to that treatment. It made me angry at both the teacher and my neighbour. I can't exactly tell whether it was justified or not.For,how can one expect an ODA(one day acquaintance) to help you?(Do you feel the same?) Well, thats a metropolitan school of thought.(I initially attributed it to Hyderabad, but later understood that its the same everywhere.)

But it wasn't so in my school.Even a ODA,once made friends was helped.No one sacrifices his life for an ODA,but getting a xerox wasn't a big deal. In all my country innocence I assumed that he would do it for me.I never forgave that fellow, and soon he wasn't seen in my class.He shifted over to an other batch, I later learnt.But it gave me a good taste of Ramaiah,and I can never forget it.


usha said...

I do agree with the term "two years of hell" as we have a victim at our home who quit after the first year.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!