Wednesday, December 21, 2005


"Heidi is the heart warming story of a young girl who brings sunshineand joy wherever she goes.Her adventures ( I prefer to refrain myself from calling so, as she suffers a lot during her life) will take you up into the beautiful Swiss countryside and into the big city where Heidi is "educated".And,along with Heidi, you will be surprised by all the wonderful things that happen when she finally returns to her beloved mountains."This is the actual introduction I read on the book.

But for people with my tastes and considerations, this is a wonderful book. It takes you on a journey into the life of an orphaned girl called Heidi. Intially left behind with her grandpa by her fortune seeking aunt, Heidi develops a love for the simple life her grandpa leads and their home atop a mountain in the Swiss mountainrange.
She brings joyto her grandpa who has forbidden the world and prefers solitude.
Suddenly her aunt appears claiming that she has a fortune in store for Heidi , and takes her away to Frankfurt where she is to accompany "Klara",a handicapped girl of a rich family as a play-mate.The house keeper keeps making futile attempts to "culture" her , much to the amusement of Klara, who finds Heidi's company joyful.
But the girl takes ill owing to her longing for her old grandpa, her home and nature.
Finally she is sent back home by the considerate father of Klara.
Her life, especially at Frankfurt where she is almost caged and her perception of the world makes one nostalgic.It author's narration makes you laugh and weep with Heidi.
A really wonderful story.

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usha said...

This was the first story-book (novel kind-of-thing) I read in my childhood.I loved the book including the cover page.