Wednesday, December 21, 2005


What does a smile cost you?
What in the world are you going to loose by smiling at an acquaintance?

True, you may be having lots and lots of worries,you may be carrying the whole earth on your shoulders , I agree but no one in this world is free from worries and if every worried soul decides to stop smiling ,we would be no different from animals which dont know to smile anyway.

And there are another bunch of people , who think they are einsteins and newtons(I intentionally left e and n in smalls , I want to reiterate that these are no different men) in the making.These are especially found at so called premier institutes like IIT ( I am a sorry in a way to be here).They bother about nothing but themselves , speak to none unless he has some need with that individual. They dont return smiles and blankly stare at any pleasantry.You feel as if you have been forced into Hell for sure if you ever get into their company.God save these men!

I dont hate anyone in particular , nor am I a misanthrope. All I care for is a good-word or smile from an acquaintance.
For its smiles that keep you going miles.

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