Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Ramaiah days-1(Just after ICSE)

I studied in Ramaiah.Had my two years of hell on earth, you dont believe.(I know , many of my friends will come up, vociferously defending Ramaiah.But let them keep it to themselves.)Let me give a detailed account of my those two years, I can never forget in life.

I had my schooling in a small town , a few hundred kilometers away from Hyderabad. So, when I was first told about Ramaiah(which incidentally happened to be the night of my last ICSE board exam day)I thought,"ok lets go to Hyderabad". It was the thought of visiting places that drew me there , more than my desire to enter Ramaiah.The next day I bid farewell to my mother, sister and friends and got into the "Hyderabad Express" ,along with my father.Little did I know that I was bidding farewell to my beloved town, almost permanently.For I never got to stay in my town for more than a month, at any point of time afterwards.

The next morning, my uncle came to the railway station in Hyderabad, and took us home.All the way home,I was admiring/wondering (dont know what to call it exactly) Hyderabad.Those huge roads, large number of vehicles, planes flying overhead,large shopping malls.In short everything took me by surprise, for afterall I grew up in a small town where all these never existed.

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Raghava said...

It appears as if you want to imitate R K Narayan in his style of writing, especially like the one in Malgudi Days.