Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My Ramaiah days-4(Beginning of the Dark Days)

The first week passed almost with out any other incident.At first everything was normal, but after some fifteen days or so,I started feeling home sick.On the second sunday, after a test I came back home and told my I uncle that I wanted to leave.I told him that I was unable to follow anything taught there and that I wanted to drop off.It was normally said and my uncle didn't mind.[It had already been "explained" to parents by Mr.Ramaiah that, most of the students will not be able to follow what is being taught there for some three months.Thanks.]He thought that it was a casual outburst of homesickness.So he did nothing in particular to pacify me.

Thus started the darkest days of my life.I felt more and more home sick and the desire to go home snowballed.I thought of nothing but of my home in Ponnur, my friends and everything associated with my life there.Even people very distantly know to me in Ponnur seemed to be my closest friends.

Hyderabad started appearing gloomy day by day.Everything there looked scary and dull. Sorry to my Hyderabadi friends, but I started despising the city with all my heart. I knew no moment of happiness there for two long years.All I knew in life was gloom and sorrow.Nothing else.

I also had a problem adjusting with those city people.That a city is so unwelcoming to an young villager [I am one,for mine was a very small town]troubled me a lot.People so busy with their jobs,rushing on their daily business,without a moment to hear to someones woes[I don't blame them,for I am able to comprehend now].I didn't even have friends to whom I could pour out all my sorrows.I suppressed everything and lifelessly went about.I lost my ebullient self.

May be my mother,for that matter anyone who had known me earlier would have made out the difference in my behaviour.But since I was new to the people there, no one noticed.And the fact that no one was bothered about me[I pictured so]troubled me still more.

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kashyap said...

how sad.. i felt very bad