Wednesday, January 25, 2006


"What is the musical instrument made from clay,and derived its name from it?" I stood there,staring at the question trying to guess the answer.I was neither good at music nor the instruments related it.I answered,and U replied "Its wrong." As I was a coordinator of I** , U let me take another chance.I took out another slip."What's the biggest temple of south India,with the longest pillared corridor of 1219 mts?"This time I didnot hesitate, "Madhura Meenakshi temple" I answered.U replied,"wrong again".I stood there, dumbfounded."What's wrong with me?I questioned myself.Why am I going wrong?"

As far as I am concerned,I rate myself as one with some knowledge of ancient India.I know that I am not a genius in that field,but I never thought I would fail that way.I started feeling lost for the second time.

That previous time I felt lost was yesterday evening.I walked out for the first time into Saarang,to attend the Choreo-Nite at 5:00pm in the evening.My friend was in one of the participating teams,and so I went there to watch his performance. People were moving around,in colourful dresses,looking tired,still fumbling with the event schedules,even in the evening.I walked looking around for any familiar faces. Not many were around, and most of the people I knew were moving here and there with coord badges dangling around their necks.I stood there, feeling lost in my own college, the place where I have been living since three years.

Suddenly,I spotted a group of my classmates,God sent people.They too were there to attend the Choreo-Nite."Thank God" I said to myself.I was quick enough to associate myself with the group,and made sure that I didn't seperate from them.I still do not understand why I felt lost,in my home turf.May be those events that don't match my wavelength, all those people I percieve to have descended from another world,made me feel so.I came back as soon as my friend's performance was over.Luckily his team was the third one to perform. My class-mates wondered why I was leaving so early,but I wasn't interested in other performances any way.I walked back to my room and dropped down to an early sleep.

And this quizzing early today morning, gave me a feeling of being struck in a quagmire.All the way back to my room,my mind was racing with thoughts.What happened to me? What happened to all that general knowledge I had greedily gobbled up during my school days?I was known to be good at quizzing then.How did I forget all these?

Finally while I was leaving,U gave me another suggestion,"Come on da,acads is not everything".I replied without any feeling of being hurt,"I know da,acads isn't everything.There is something much more than acads..." what next?I couldn't figure out what to speak.Amnesia again,I thought.

I came back determined to put all these in words, to express myself in one way I was good at-writing.

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