Monday, January 09, 2006

I am a coward

I am a coward.Yes, I am.

I am afraid of being called a badboy, that's why I don't resort to mischief.

I am afraid of breaking rules, so I remain disciplined.

I am afraid of being called selfish ,that I do some things though they trouble me.

I am afraid of being termed eccentric, that I refrain myself from simple joys,which please me immensly.

I am afraid of an accident,that's why I speed only on my bicycle.

I am afraid of speaking my heart out, so that I may not hurt others,as well as invite trouble.

God,grant me courage.

And I think I am a sage,that I don't do many a thing that are common.May be its human psychology.No one accepts that he is a coward.So this fear manifests itself in the form of "hate".

Now, I hate all the above said things.And that's why I don't do them.

I am not a coward,but a man with lot of commonsense.

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dilip said...

To some extent we all are cowards succumbing to social pressures not letting our true feelings out of fear being social outcast.I was a maverick to most part of college having very few friends( i suppose they are ) only offlate i realised its imperative to stick to social norms but life is all about balance isntit.