Friday, January 20, 2006

Of suggestion and complaints about My Ramaiah days

Thanks to my friends and others who have painstakingly read my blog,I started getting whole lots of suggestion,complaints, and jibes too.I will start off in the chronological order.

1."Looks as if you want to portray those people as devils.Why don't you write your opinions,rather than writing your experience?"-Dont know whether he would like his name to be mentioned.

2."Are bhai,why don't you write about the peaceful life you are enjoying in IIT?Why do you want to evoke those poignant memories?"-Rajeev.

3."Why dont you bring in an interesting character,say a girl?"-Sravan,my friend from IIT KGP.

4." Dear Vallabha
What did u mean by "I "really" grew up and was always 2nd or 3rd in my class"! Think about it. How would your blogs had been had u performed well at ramiah ? By ur own admittance u felt "confident" being made to sit in the front benches . So don't u think that ur angst is more due to urself and less due to how u have been treated?"
-"I am what you want me to be "[ I don't know who this guy really is.This was a comment to one of the episodes.]

5."Your story is unclear at times,though your description is immaculate"-PS

Let me explain:I wanted to write this because I wanted to tell people about my experiences,my difficulties,my feelings and all the trauma I had underwent.

1.Opinions differ and I feel there is no point in shouting to a crowd about what I think. Instead let them "have the facts" or know one true "story".Its for them to opine.

2.All is well that ends well.

3.This is my life and not some fictitious story.So,no inventing characters.

4.By the statement "I really grew up slowly and was always 2nd or 3rd in class,I was talking about my height.[The physical height,you metaphysical genius,who interpreted it in an other way.]The seating in my class was always based on how high a boy was.I was short,to be clear.Hence was always seated in the first bench.Had I done well at Ramaiah,I wouldn't have written this at all.True,take me as some crazy idiot.If you feel I am biased,then I advise you,please stop reading my blogs.
This blog is "world through my eyes,the way I percieved it".My anger is definitely at the way I was treated.If you are patient enough , wait for the future episodes, when
everything gets clear.Atleast,I hope so.


Varun Singh said...

I was really touched by this of ur profound composition. Cant wait in anticipation for u to complete it. So asking u nw itself...Despite of all ur nightmarish experiences and the hardships that u suffered at ramaiah(as u wrote), wud u still like to give all credit for u being got into IIT,to ramaiah? Or to ur ownself for all the adversities that u suffered that helped u mould into a tough man?

Anonymous said...

Rather interesting blog you've got here. Thanx for it. I like such themes and anything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.

Bella Benedict