Friday, January 13, 2006

The greatest misfortune

Can there be a greater misforunte than being misunderstood without being given a chance to explain?It's like "You are an idiot,you are a rogue,you are a criminal and...,no, don't try talking.If you try giving explanations, the sword hanging over your head will fall and kill you". Are yaar,ye kyaa hai?

It is likely that people misunderstand actions and words.After all the world is so complex,languages so profound,and people are so intransigent that misinterpretations and misunderstandings are regular occurences.No harm till then.

But the problem snowballs when explanations are denied.May be some one is really at fault,but atleast oneshould be given a chance to explain what the circumstances were that led one to that situation.And the greatness of a person lies in understanding this and (may be,in trying to)forgive the culprit.

Not all crimes can be forgiven,but at the same time there is no crime that isn't worth giving the accused a chance to plead.I am not talking of those "organised crimes" where motives are as clear as a day.I am talking about "emotion driven mistakes" which the law calls crime.It's really difficult to find fault in such situations, where even the jury would have done the same thing as the accused.

Emotion-a "boon" or "curse", I can't tell for sure.After all, it's emotion that makes a father happy at the antics of his child,it's emotion that makes your sister/brother the most lively person on the earth[sorry, single children],it's emotion that drives a granny to pamper her grandchild.I think it's not improper to attribute the orderliness in today's world ,to an extent to emotion.

At the same time it's emotion that drives people mad in certain situations.It's emotion that supresses equanimity,it's emotion that leads to hate and dislike among people.Hence,it is the very same emotion ,that also leads to disorderliness in the world.

The final word is always the same."There can be no light,without darkness.There can be nothing good,without bad.There can be no coin with just one side.And last but not the least,there can be no emotion without commotion".

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dilip said...

This sums up your attitude mama.i spent a lot of horrible moments with gult friends who are so prejudiced and put me in to one of those standard sterotypes (mostly sex hungry villain) as potrayed in most telugu movies.As someone said best way to appreciate life is by not being prejudiced and being open to everything without jumping into a baseless judment.You on contrary dont judge people as good or bad and take them as what they are.